Youth Ministries

Youth 4We offer a variety of youth programming within our six youth groups, each meeting on a weekly basis through the school year.  Each group strives to live out the following:

Our Mission

We will foster a community in which our youth may experience and share the love of God.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that the way of Christ offers our youth a life that is abundant, flourishing and everlasting.
  • We believe that flourishing life is best nurtured in a community marked by love, covenant and participation.
    • Love: A community in which all our youth, wherever they are on life’s path, are unconditionally loved and accepted as they are.
    • Covenant: A community in which our youth share covenantal commitments to clear and understandable values and boundaries.
    • Participation: A community in which our youth passionately participate in something larger than themselves: the great adventure of loving and serving in God’s name.
  • We believe that caring for our youth in a community of love, covenant and participation will equip them for a lifetime journey following the way of Christ and characterized by faith, hope and love.

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