Pastoral Care Programs & Services

PC photoPastoral Care offers not only the services of a minister trained in pastoral care, but many other programs and opportunities to participate in our ministries.  One of our largest programs is that of the Stephen Ministers.  We also have an active and much-appreciated Prayer Shawl Ministry.  Our deacons participate in an active flower delivery and visitation ministry, at the request of the Pastoral Care Minister.  Pastoral Care maintains an emergency call list of those who may appreciate an outstretched hand during times of town-wide crisis, such as the power outages resulting from severe weather.  A rotating roster of trained volunteers makes the calls when requested by the Pastoral Care Minister.  We keep a stock of home-made meals in the church freezer for delivery to anyone who needs the comfort of a lovingly-made meal.  (If you would like some recipes for freezable meals, please click here.)

Pastoral Care also maintains a list of volunteers known as the Pastoral Ministry Team. These volunteers are called upon to provide rides, make and deliver fresh meals, and write sympathy notes during the year.  Every parishioner is welcome to become part of the Pastoral Ministry Team.  Another volunteer ministry is the Prayer Chain, a group of devoted members who pray confidentially and individually for those who have requested special prayers.

Each year, Pastoral Care tries to offer one or two educational programs or workshops on matters of concern to our congregation.  Past programs have included: Senior Living Choices, Managing Stress, Alzheimer’s Disease, Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Depression, Caring for Others Who Are Facing Difficulties in Life, and and “Let’s Talk About It: Getting Our Lives in Order,” initiating discussions about end-of-life planning. For copies of handouts from Pastoral Care programs, please click here.

In 2006, Pastoral Care Ministries began a tradition of honoring our Women of Wisdom at the annual spring Women’s Fellowship luncheon or dinner.  Each year’s event has featured a different theme allowing the participation of our most senior women.

Pastoral Care also maintains a large library of resources and a referral list of mental health professionals.

Online resources are available here.

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