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Jesus Christ taught the disciples important lessons of faith in parables.  Before that, faithful people gathered around the common narratives of the Old Testament.  Stories are at the center of Christianity, and it is our children who understand stories the best.

Guppies is a youth group program for 3rd and 4th graders that meets to experience the stories of the Bible as well as experience their own stories as they meet new friends and grow alongside each other in their early journeys of faith.  Guppies corresponds with the church school, allowing our youth multiple ways to engage in the Biblical narrative.  For example, they might be chasing the same star as the Wise Men once did, or celebrating the end of the Lenten fast just like the earliest Christians (except this time with pancakes)!

Not only does Guppies engage the Christian story, but it also creates a new and transformative Christian community for our youth as they learn together through games and art, work together through volunteer service projects, and grow together in their early Christian faith journeys while having a ton of fun along the way.

All 3rd and 4th grade students, regardless of church or school affiliation, are welcome to join Guppies.  The Guppies program now includes more than 30 regular meetings and service projects.  We hope that our children will find in Guppies a sense of faith and fun that will continue through JYG, MSYG, and into YG and the Quest Programs.

Register now for Guppies! The registration form is available here.  Please print it out and mail it to the church or bring it with you to your first Guppies event.

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