Our Ministries \ Missions and Outreach

Missions and outreach are an essential part of our life as a church. Our church dedicates 25% of its annual budget to outreach programs. Service projects are run by individuals and by church committees, and there are many opportunities for members, old and young, to become involved in outreach.

We traditionally have ongoing opportunities with organizations with which we are building relationships. These relationships are centered on the people we serve, their needs and their faith journey. We support these people as a church through prayer, financial donations, food and material collections, and through hands-on construction projects and mission trips. Our service opportunities and projects range from local food pantries, to youth and adult mission trips across the nation, to support for our brothers and sisters in universities and desert tribes in Africa.

Through our Missions and Social Action Committee (MSA), the church strives to encourage volunteerism in conjunction with our church beneficiaries.

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