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The mission of the Spiritual Gifts Ministry Team is to help people discover, develop, and deploy their spiritual gifts to serve God and the church’s many missions. Our vision is to provide the discernment and encouragement to help people know and follow God’s plan for their lives.

Ministry teams give each of us an opportunity to better align our energies with our true gifts and passions. The challenge is for each of us to discern how and for what purpose God has blessed and called us.

The Spiritual Gifts Ministry provides a range of activities to help members uncover their talents and fresh ways of using them, including:

  • Courses
  • Workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Church communications
  • Encouragement
Meetings: As Peter guides us, the Spiritual Gifts Ministry Team needs a variety of talents, including planning, communications, teaching, mentoring, and logistics.  The team meets monthly, and welcomes people to join at any time.
Contact Persons:
Kathleen Johnston (203)966-3113

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