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The Music Ministry Team is an enthusiastic group of music devotees whose chief goal is to support our gifted leader, Jody Blaine Davis, in maintaining our church’s exceptional music program.  Some committee members are musicians, singing in the choir or teaching piano, and others have no musical experience and do not read music, but love the music at our church and are eager to support it. We do this largely through our annual concert to thank contributors to the Mary Bradley Clarke Fund, which supports special musicians in our worship services. The Music Ministry Team is instrumental in organizing this gala event. The team serves the music programs in other ways, such as scheduling pianists for the Lenten and Advent meditation services, and serving at receptions for various music events in the church. At each team meeting, Jody recaps recent musical programs and describes upcoming events, seeking input from the team. A happy byproduct of these meetings is the fellowship they engender: we have all become better friends.


Meetings: First Monday of every other month, 6:00-7:30pm, Team member’s homes.
Contact Persons:
Dr. Jo Deen Blaine Davis (203)966-2651 x4
Linda Avgerinos (203)966-8092
Laurie Owen (203)972-5921

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