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The Middle School Ministry Team (MSMT) is a group comprised of volunteer parents of youth group (Guppies, JYG and MSYG) participants, the Youth Director, and the Minister to Youth and Families. All parent support of these groups is coordinated through the Ministry Team. The role of the MSMT is to provide resources, guidance and support to the Youth Director and other program staff, so that together, they can facilitate events most effectively and ensure that all our programs meet their goals for a  nourishing, flourishing, and abundant life for our youth. Specifically, the role of the MSMT is to recruit, coordinate, and manage all parent volunteers for Guppies, JYG, and MSYG events; to enforce the attendance policy for “Covenant Events;” to manage and respond to parental inquiries regarding programming and Mission Fish eligibility for the MSYG Mountainside Mission Trip; to assist the Youth Ministers in creating the annual calendar of events for Guppies, JYG, and MSYG; and to provide advice and counsel to the Youth Ministers as necessary for programs and events, particularly in the areas of safety and security. The hope for this Ministry Team is to live out God’s call to service alongside our brothers and sisters in Christian community, and to create space for the Holy Spirit to transform the lives of our young people. MSMT participation provides a great way to get involved in the life of the church and share in the adventure of youth ministry with your children.

Meetings: First Monday of Month, 7:30-8:30 p.m., Smith Hall.
Terms of Service:  None. Members may serve as long as they feel called to this ministry.
Contact Persons:
Caroline Ainsworth, Director of Youth Ministries (203)966-2651 x34
The Rev. Jonah K. Smith-Bartlett, Associate Minister of Children and Youth (203)966-2651 x5

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