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Work on the church’s foundation in 2011 revealed some of the original hand-hewn beams from the church’s construction in 1842.

The Building and Grounds Ministry Team works closely with the Chief Administrative Officer, the Director of Accounting and Purchasing, and the Trustees to ensure that each of the three historic buildings comprising our church campus is maintained to a high standard and that the surrounding grounds and gardens present a welcoming environment for all to enjoy.  To assist with this mission, the Team maintains and acts upon both a 5-Year Maintenance Plan and a 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan.  These two plans help to establish priorities for the myriad demands on the church’s annual budget.

At the beginning of each program year, and periodically throughout the year, the B&G Ministry Team conducts a basement-to-attic inspection of the campus buildings.  Any maintenance needs are noted, as are early signs of potential problems.  Following this inspection and consistent with the 5-Year Plan, a preliminary calendar year “to-do” list is developed; project tasks are then assigned to volunteers within the B&G Ministry Team.  These tasks can include researching contractor and supplier options, calling contractor/supplier references, reviewing bids, and formulating recommendations.  Once the B&G Team has finalized their calendar year project list, a proposal is presented to the Trustees for approval.  While it is primarily the task of the Chief Administrative Officer and the Director of Accounting and Purchasing to ensure that all work gets done on time and within budget, members of the B&G Ministry Team assist, consistent with their personal interests, knowledge, and skill sets.

The physical buildings and grounds here on God’s Acre are a testament to our rich heritage and on-going efforts to embrace God’s world and glorify His name. The B&G Team welcomes all who are interested in architecture, building, facilities management, gardening, and history.

Meetings: Called when needed.
Terms of Service:  None. Members may serve as long as they feel called to this ministry.
Contact Person:  Kelly Morrissey (203)966-2651 x22

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