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Deepening our Christian faith while engaging our minds.

Have you ever asked yourself…

– How can the Bible be made easier for me to understand and apply to my daily life?
– Are there new or classic spiritual readings that might help me on my personal spiritual journey?
– How does the minister’s sermon apply to the workplace or my daily life?
– What do I say to my children about difficult moral issues as portrayed in today’s popular culture?

What does Adult Education Ministry offer?

– Structured courses on the Bible and Christian literature that help us understand how the written word applies to our daily lives.
– Challenging guest speakers who provide valuable Christian insights on challenging topical issues and inspirational literature, as well as information about other faiths.
– Informal forums and “talk-backs” with our ministers and guest speakers where participants can pose their own questions and stimulate further conversations.
– Small group sessions conveniently scheduled to enable easier participation and more opportunities to develop closer relations with other church members.
– Inspiring, practical programs developed jointly with other ministry teams. (one recent example: “Caring for Others”)
– Sessions driven by popular culture such as current movies, articles, and books that seem to call for a studied Christian perspective.
– Guided sessions on prayer and other practices that lead us to a flourishing life.

How do I Get involved?

– Participate in as many programs as you’d like– Check your weekly and monthly newsletters and bulletins for announcements of Adult Ed activities and sign up at the Church Office or on the Adult Ed Bulletin Board in Smith Hall. Walk-ins are welcome, too.
– Volunteer to help the ministry team.
– Assist with a particular program that resonates with what you most want to learn about, or
– Join the ongoing team that works with Rev. Dr. Anne Coffman to support adult education programs and help develop future ones (no required terms or attendance — you serve according to how you feel moved to serve).

Benefits of becoming involved with Adult Education

– Actively engage in your faith journey and deepen your faith, which can help lead to a more flourishing life.
– Develop closer relations with other church members of our congregation who participate with you in Adult Ed activities.
– Feel more comfortable and informed reading the Bible by learning to understand God’s Word.
– Take an active role in planning, implementing and evaluating Adult Ed programs.
– Feel supported as a team member, since we covenant to be attentive and pray for each other.


Meetings: As needed.
Contact Persons:
The Rev. Dr. Anne W. Coffman (203)966-2651 x1

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