Ministry Teams

The church’s ministry requires the best talents of its paid staff and the full involvement of its laity, working in harmonious partnership. Each team is designed to support the work of a staff leader who is responsible to the senior minister and the deacons or the trustees for that ministry. The role of the team is to support that ministry, bringing skills, knowledge, passion, and commitment.

To join a ministry team promises no less than transformation of self and the world. Please consider prayerfully where you are being called to serve.

  • Adult Education Ministry Team

    Deepening our Christian faith while engaging our minds. Have you ever asked yourself… – How can the Bible be made easier for me to understand and apply to my daily life? – Are there new or classic spiritual readings that might help me on my personal spiritual journey? – How does the minister’s sermon apply… read more

  • Buildings and Grounds

    The Building and Grounds Ministry Team works closely with the Chief Administrative Officer, the Director of Accounting and Purchasing, and the Trustees to ensure that each of the three historic buildings comprising our church campus is maintained to a high standard and that the surrounding grounds and gardens present a welcoming environment for all to… read more

  • Children and Family

    The focus of the Children and Family Ministry Team is to support the programs and events that develop the spiritual formation of our children and their families. The ministry team, together with the children and families program staff, create and implement Church School initiatives, Christian milestones, and special events that allow families to grow in… read more

  • Fellowship

    The objective of the Fellowship Ministry Team is to promote Christian fellowship among the members of the congregation through weekly interaction at the Fellowship Hour between Sunday morning worship services and numerous planned social events throughout the year. To promote more volunteerism during the 2012-2013 church year, we are initiating a new plan to blend… read more

  • Flowers

    The Congregational Church offers us many opportunities to attest to God’s grace  through serving others. Bringing God’s outdoor beauty into the Meeting House each week is such an act of service, and a privilege. The Flower Ministry Team welcomes anyone to join in making arrangements for worship. It is a wonderful and joyful way to… read more

  • Middle School

    The Middle School Ministry Team (MSMT) is a group comprised of volunteer parents of youth group (Guppies, JYG and MSYG) participants, the Youth Director, and the Minister to Youth and Families. All parent support of these groups is coordinated through the Ministry Team. The role of the MSMT is to provide resources, guidance and support… read more

  • Music

    The Music Ministry Team is an enthusiastic group of music devotees whose chief goal is to support our gifted leader, Jody Blaine Davis, in maintaining our church’s exceptional music program.  Some committee members are musicians, singing in the choir or teaching piano, and others have no musical experience and do not read music, but love… read more

  • Pastoral Care

    There are many ways to be involved in the caring ministry of our church, all of which provide significant support to those receiving care. Our Pastoral Care Ministries include Pastoral Ministry Leadership Team, Stephen Ministry, Pastoral Ministry Team, Prayer Shawl Ministry, and Prayer Ministry.  For more information on these ministries, please visit the “Pastoral Care”… read more

  • Service Ministries

    The Service Ministries Team is focused on providing various and fruitful service opportunities to the congregation, enabling us to live out Christ’s call to service of neighbor.  The hope is that by serving others we will not only do our part to transform others’ lives, but will also explore and further our own faith journeys. … read more

  • Spiritual Gifts

    The mission of the Spiritual Gifts Ministry Team is to help people discover, develop, and deploy their spiritual gifts to serve God and the church’s many missions. Our vision is to provide the discernment and encouragement to help people know and follow God’s plan for their lives. Ministry teams give each of us an opportunity… read more

  • Youth Group (YGMT)

    The Youth Group Ministry Team (YGMT) is a team comprised of youth group parents interested in providing ministry to our youth alongside peer parents, the Youth Director, and the Minister to Youth and Families. All parent support of YG is coordinated through the Ministry Team. The role of the YGMT is to provide resources, guidance,… read more

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