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For the past twenty years, a group of faithful Youth Group (YG) members have dedicated their school winter break to serving God on the YG Mission Trip. Ten days of hard work, service, worship, prayer, fellowship, and care of neighbor results in the transformation of the lives of those we serve, our YG Mission Fish, and the culture of our very town itself.  Together, we have an opportunity to make these transformations possible.

This year, our 130 young people will be working with Blueprint Ministries in San Antonio, Texas.  Did you know that 54% of poor San Antonio families live in physically deficit housing?  Our mission fish will help to express Christ’s love through renovation or reconstruction of the homes of eight such families.   Blueprint Ministries is a non-profit organization in the heart of urban San Antonio that provides servant leadership training for youth and adults while restoring homes for elderly, disabled and low income residents.

We believe that the way of Christ offers our youth a life that is abundant, flourishing, and everlasting. We also believe that flourishing life is best nurtured in a community marked by love, covenant, and participation.  For YG, nowhere is this flourishing life more fully realized than on a mission trip. During these ten days, our mission fish will work hard in the service of others, make life-long friendships, and, yes, have a lot of fun. The mission fish will return to New Canaan having worshiped, prayed, and reflected on how God is moving through their lives. 

Sample-Mission-Sponsor-LetterOver these twenty years of YG, Skip and the youth leaders of this church created the model for a mission experience that is truly transformative.  These experiences are simply not possible without mission sponsor support.  Please join us as a mission sponsor this year so that we can continue to provide these life changing experiences for our children.  Your generosity will make it possible for all YG mission fish to participate, regardless of their financial capacity, and, equally important, will increase our ability to make an impact on the lives we touch, both in San Antonio and on our YG Quest mission trip in June. Each mission sponsor will receive two personal letters from the field, and you will be welcomed to our special Youth Sunday and Mission Sponsor Brunch on March 9.  On that Sunday, our mission fish will serve you and personally share their gratitude and trip experiences.

One person can make a difference.  Thank you in advance for your generosity which will make this mission possible.

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