Youth Mission Trips \ Trip FAQ

1. When are the mission trips?

The YG mission trip takes place during the New Canaan public school’s winter vacation. The Quest mission trip is right after the public schools finish the year in June. The exact dates are dependent on when the last day of school occurs.

2. How long is a mission trip?

Generally 10 days.

3. Who can go on a mission trip?

Members of YG or Quest who have met the expectations of the covenant are eligible for the mission trip.

4. What is the fee for a mission trip?


5. What are the mission trip destinations?

The destinations for our youth mission trips change every year and are not revealed until after the sign-up process is completed. This is done to emphasize the experience of a mission trip over the destination.

6. What should my child bring?

A complete packing list is provided a few weeks before the trip departure date.

7. How much money does my child need?

Zero. Everything from food to lodging to entertainment is covered.

8. Who accompanies my child on a mission trip?

Our Youth Director, YG Team Advisors and YG Alumni accompany the group, as well as contractors who guide YGers at their work sites and other “behind-the-scenes” logistics staff.  All adults who travel on the mission trip have had a background check completed.

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