Youth Mission Trips

Going on a mission trip is a life-changing experience. When youth have the opportunity to work on meaningful service projects with our host partners, they learn that God has blessed them with the love and power to change the world. The mission trip is probably best understood simply as an extraordinary, life-changing pilgrimage. Five months of weekly YG experiences of love, covenant and participation lay the foundation for an intense pilgrimage rooted in love and service to work alongside a partner community and learn about and explore our faith together. Mission trips are a way for youth to learn about and live out the Christian call to service and love of neighbor. We do not go on mission trips simply because we can. We go because we recognize and embrace God’s love for us and God’s desire for us to share God’s love with others and be in community. Putting our faith into action is transformative, and the experiences that youth have on these trips impact them for the rest of their lives.

The YG mission trip is 10 days with a balance of hard work and fun designed to bring a ministry of love and hope to those in need. When finding a destination there is an emphasis on connecting with a community and building a relationship between the youth and that community. The program on the mission trip includes group work projects, meaningful interactions with community members, prayer, vespers and worship. During the trip the youth will help repair existing structures and build new ones as they work in teams supervised by a YG advisor and a skilled builder. Participants leave our trip with a changed perspective on their world and a better understanding of the difficulties faced by those who suffer the burdens of poverty, disability and neglect.

The YG mission trip takes place during the New Canaan public school’s winter vacation.

For more information, please contact the church office at (203)966-2651.

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