Maasai Connection

Our former Senior Minister, Skip Masback, preached an eloquent post-9/11 sermon that challenged us to find an enlightened response to that tragedy. Discerning together, the congregation determined to be a force for good in an at-risk community. From here the Maasai Partnership began to take shape. In Francis Sakuda, of Olosho-oibor, Kenya, we found a like-minded Christian who reciprocated our desire for long-term relationship-building between our far-apart groups.

Since those early days our partnership has grown in leaps and bounds. The love of this congregation has seen the Maasai through severe drought, food shortages, and political violence. We experience in them a resilience and unmatched love of God and man. For example, when our country was devastated by Hurricane Katrina the Maasai sold their jewelry to benefit the victims.

Our projects, including a water pipeline, water cisterns, draught resistant goats, solar panels, a greenhouse and laying hens have been vital to sustaining the Maasai. After sustenance, the most important thing now and for the future is education. Through education the Maasai are empowered to modernize their community in ways most beneficial to them with regard to food stability, infrastructure, environment and representation in government. Francis Sakuda is the prime example of the result of mission supported education. This is their best chance for survival and flourish.

We cannot change the entire world but we have changed this small part of it for the better. Please join us in this wonderful partnership. For more information, please contact the Church Office.

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