Adult Mission Trips \ Trip FAQ

1. Who can go on adult mission trips?

Anyone who is post-college age is welcomed and encouraged to go on an adult mission trip.

2. What kind of mission work happens on these trips?

Generally the adult trip projects include various construction or renovation projects. There are always a variety of jobs that are needed to complete every project, and so there is always work for a range of skill sets. We generally travel with at least one professional contractor who oversees the work project.

3. What if I’ve never been on a mission trip before?

An adult mission trip is a great environment to learn new skills and meet new people! It is never too late to have your first mission trip.

4. How much do trips cost?

The cost depends on the location of the trip and the project. We make a commitment to keep costs reasonable ($1500 or less), and seek funding from other sources in addition to participant fees. Financial assistance is always available—the trip cost should never be a deterrent from going on a mission trip.

5. When are the mission trips?

There is no set timeframe for adult mission trips. Generally trips happen between January and March or in the fall. There is usually one trip per program year.

6. How long is a mission trip?

It depends on the trip destination and the project—sometimes they are a long-weekend and other times they are a week or ten days.

7. What else happens on a mission trip besides work?

We make time for cultural experiences, community building with our mission partners, worship, and nightly reflection/discussion time.

8. Where do we go?

Adult mission teams have traveled to Exuma in the Bahamas, Opelousas (LA), Wabasso (FL) Biloxi (MS), Belize, New Orleans, Baltimore and Puerto Rico.

9. What should I bring?

A detailed packing list will be provided a few weeks before every trip.

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