Past Trip Reviews \ OG Mission Trips 2003, 2004

The First-Ever Adult Mission Trip:

Rolleville, Exuma; 2003

Building the New St. Michael’s Church

In April of 2003, Rev. Skip Masback and Connie Gross led the very first adult mission trip to the island of Exuma in the Bahamas.  The people of Rolleville, a small town at the northwest end of the island, worshipped in a wooden church with holes in the roof that desperately needed repair.  The 27 adult missionaries undertook two projects.  The first was to repair the roof on the existing church and repaint the outside as plans called for the church to later be used as a youth center.  The second project was to begin building a new church from the ground up, starting with cinder blocks.

This extensive project was continued in June when the Quest Youth Group mission trip arrived for a week of service and fellowship.  The high school youth put a roof on the new church and continued painting and repairing the old church.  This group of YG “Youth Group” missionaries fondly gave the adults that preceded them the name of “OG”, or “Old Group” in deference to their relative ages.

Opelousas, Louisiana, 2004

The second annual OG Mission trip took 20 adult members of our congregation to Opelousas, Louisiana in April of 2004.  There we met 15 members from the Bethesda Christian Center in Chicago.  Together, the group of 35 tackled three projects including:

  • The addition to a community center used for Bible Study and prayer groups;
  • Roofing and painting two houses in need of repair;
  • Renovating the inside and painting the outside of a transformation house owned by a homeless shelter for women and children.

 All 35 mission members attended vespers every evening led by Reverend Skip Masback and Pastor David Rivera.  Working together and praying together with our brothers and sisters from Bethesda and Opelousas offered each member a chance to reflect on their own unique gifts as children of God.  The love for God and one another was apparent as the week went on.  Friendships grew strong and although all were very tired at the end of each day, the chance to reflect and pray together in the evening was the highlight of the t rip for many.

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