Past Trip Reviews \ OG Mission Trip 2007

San Pedro Town, Belize

January 27 – February 4, 2007

24 adults traveled to Belize in late January, 2007 to work on Phase III of the youth center for the Living Word Church in San Pedro Town, Belize.  Our Quest and Alumni youth groups had previously completed Phases I and II so that when OG arrived, the cinder block walls and cement forms had been constructed.  Phase III would prove to be the most difficult project ever tackled by OG.  Approximately 100 bags of cement were hand-mixed with sand and water to create concrete.  Buckets were then filled and delivered to different stations where the newly trained adults would sling the mixture onto the walls of the building inside and out, thereby creating stucco.  Jim Chevalier acted as volunteer head contractor supported by Joe DeTullio and Frank Lyon.  By the end of the week, six of the eight walls were covered in stucco and 24 tired mission workers were very proud!

The group bonded with the members of Living Word Church on the first Sunday during worship, then at a lunch prepared by the women of the congregation.  Pastor Ian shared his vision of completing the youth center and offering youth programs for many students on the island who currently do not have a place to gather for worship and fellowship.  A final worship celebration and dinner completed the week with both congregations coming together once more.  The service was held in the shell of the youth center where the group had labored all week.  Connie Gross, Director of Service Ministries and leader of the trip reflected, “It was a beautiful night, and since there was no roof yet, we looked at the stars while we sang and worshiped together.  It was truly a memorable experience.”

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