Past Trip Reviews \ OG Mission Trip 2006

Biloxi, Mississippi

February 18 – 25, 2006

For the first time, OG and YG joined together on a single mission.  The 84 youth and 36 adult mission fish journeyed to Biloxi, Mississippi in February of 2006 to begin a massive work project in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

OG was divided into two teams, each charged with rebuilding the home of a hurricane evacuee family.  Volunteer contractor and church member, Craig Hunt, organized the beginning phase of reconstruction.  With the help of three other volunteer contractors, the OG teams began a week of concentrated rebuilding.  They installed kitchen cabinets and flooring in both homes and made many structural repairs to the exteriors.  OG painted the interiors of both houses and landscaped the front yards to complete the project.

Director of Service Ministries, Connie Gross, led the trip and remarked that one of the greatest rewards of this mission trip was that the volunteers made personal connections with the people who would benefit from the projects.  The homeowners had been living in FEMA trailers in their yards, unable to afford to make repairs.  They were excited to work with OG as partners on their own renovations, knowing that it would get them out of trailers and back into their own precious homes. 


The Biloxi Mission Trip was a unique opportunity for three generations of church mission volunteers to work on separate projects, yet come together in worship with the people they had served in Biloxi.

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