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The curriculum we follow is chosen by the Christian Formation Leadership Team along with the Children and Families Ministries Team.

Pre-school through 3rd grade uses Spark by Augsburg Fortress, an engaging and visually captivating curriculum that encourages both learning and remembering Bible stories. Our 4th – 7th graders use Feasting on the Word by Westminster John Knox Press which focuses more deeply on connecting the stories of our faith with real world applications.

Both of these curricula are contemporary and engaging, but are also well grounded in the core stories of the Bible and the principles of following Christ. Our classes follow the new Revised Common Lectionary which allows parents and children to hear the same message each Sunday.

In addition to our curriculum each grade also focuses on different “Spiritual Milestone” within their journey of spiritual transformation.


A child beginning his or her formal education is a milestone in itself. We recognize this by reaffirming our pledge to support and nurture your child throughout their life in the “Blessing of the Kindergarteners”. This event is during the 9:30am service of worship near the beginning of school each year.

1st Grade

This class spends the year learning about prayer in its most perfect model, The Lord’s Prayer. Children will memorize this sacred lesson that Jesus taught and learn what it means to us today. The 1st grade class will then lead the congregation in reciting The Lord’s Prayer on Children’s Sunday in June.

2nd Grade

Second graders warm-up their singing pipes this year and learn about praising God through song by learning The Doxology. This class will break down this praise that is sung each week by congregations everywhere, learning the meaning of the text and discovering why we sing in church. These children will lead the singing of the Doxology on Children’s Sunday.

3rd grade

Our third graders have a busy year! They begin the year by receiving their own personalized Bible from which they will learn important facts and mechanics throughout the Church School year, and establish a familiarity of reading the Bible at home. They also present the church’s annual Nativity Pageant, and memorize one of the Bible’s most beloved scriptures, Psalm 23.

4th grade

Beginning in 4th grade, children celebrate communion in monthly chapel services. These 4th graders participate in a special Communion Workshop designed to give children the information they need to understand the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. This workshop is given in partnership with our church deacons. Although children of all ages who are baptized and being nurtured in the faith are invited to the table; the time at which a child first takes communion is a family decision. Our board of Deacons and Children and Family Ministries feel that this is a wonderful age to teach children about this sacrament and celebrate this milestone as a church family.

5th, 6th and 7th grades

Our middle school participants are more involved in the household of faith by focusing on a deeper spiritual experience through worship, learning leadership skills and life application of Christian principles. These grades begin to lead others in worship services throughout the year and begin to discover how to apply their Christian faith and ethics to their daily lives.

8th grade

This is the year in which children go through Confirmation and officially become members of the church.

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