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Classes are taught by teams which consist of a Team Leader, who prepares the lesson and is committed to teaching every Sunday, and Team Members who are involved on a rotational schedule. Our teaching model is unique in that your child sees the same smiling face each and every week throughout the program year.  Both the children and the teachers find that engaging in consistent, year-long relationships proves to be very rewarding for everyone involved.  All of our Team Leaders and Team Members share their personal warmth, faith and joy with the children.

High School Assistants

Our Pre-School and Kindergarten classes benefit from an additional welcoming presence in their classrooms through our High School Assistant Program. Over twenty-five of our youth volunteer their Sunday mornings to assist our teaching teams. It’s been a mutually-enriching and comforting experience for both the children and the high school assistants as they enjoy crafts, music and bible stories together in the classroom.

Shannon Burr

Preschool 3s
“I am thrilled for my first year of teaching Sunday School.  Working with young children is a strong passion of mine; I believe that learning should be fun and engaging, and I am so excited to spark the children’s natural curiosity as they learn to live their faith.” Shannon is a senior at Fairfield University,... read more

Nikki Milewski

Preschool 4s
“I am so excited to be a part of the Sunday School program this year! I look forward to helping the children learn and grow in their faith in a fun environment.” Nikki is currently finishing her B.A. at Fairfield University, studying English Education and English for Speakers of Other Languages. She loves reading, writing... read more

Stacy Mettler

“I really enjoy the energy of the young children in Sunday School as they are so open and honest and make me laugh.  It is exciting to share God’s message of love and acceptance to them and watch them grow and develop throughout the year.” Stacy is the mom of six (Stevie 16, Kyle 14,... read more

Juliet Howe

1st Grade
“What joy to spend my Sundays with my fellow teachers and my little dreamers – the leaders of the future. When I started six years ago, I thought I would be doing all the teaching, but now I see that these beautiful souls are the ones teaching me.” Juliet is the mother of Elliot, age... read more

Faith Grabarz

2nd Grade
“It’s a joy to teach what I learned of God and the Bible when I went to Sunday school as a child at the Congregational Church.” Faith is excited to return to her second year of teaching! She is a Junior in Fordham University’s accelerated teaching program. She enjoys reading, travel, and history.  

Leigh Ruvinsky

3rd Grade
“As my children move through the school years, I have come to realize what an important role a teacher plays in their growth.  I look forward to spending Sunday mornings with your cheerful, enthusiastic children and hope to further their church school journey.” Leigh has enjoyed assisting Kindergarten the past two years and looks forward... read more

Kendra Joyner

4th Grade
“I believe in the words of Jesus found within Mark 10:14-16 ‘Let the little children come to me…for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.’ There is so much that we can all learn from children.  I am excited for our year to learn and grow in faith together.” Kendra Joyner is a native... read more

Chris Pohle

5th Grade
“It is a tremendous pleasure to teach our young folks.  They enthusiastically engage in each week’s lesson and bring personal perspectives that enrich the classroom experience and their spiritual formation.  Each week is an exciting journey.” Chris is the father of 3 children and has been teaching Church School since 2005.  He is the founder... read more

Quentin Leo

7th Grade
 “Teaching Sunday School is by far the best volunteer job at the church. The kids are great, and the adult team members are terrific to work with. I started teaching with a desire to learn the Bible along with my son; sixteen years later, I’m still learning and having fun.” Quentin is the father of... read more

Diana Beecher

8th Grade
“The kids keep me challenged with their bright, questioning minds.  That is why I keep doing it.” Diana is a bible study teacher with fifteen years experience, in addition to being a long-time “mission fish.”

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