Yale Bible Study \ YDS Bible Study: Second Isaiah


Dr. Stephen L. Cook

Catherine N. McBurney Professor of Old Testament Language and Literature,Virginia Theological Seminary


Dr. Robert R. Wilson

Hoober Professor of Religions Studies and Professor of Old Testament, Yale Divinity School

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Course Materials


Introduction Download
I The Prophetic Messenger and His Message Download Click Here
II God’s Felling of Pride, Making Way for New Growth Download Click Here
III Promise in the Context of Renewed Judgment Download Click Here
IV The Fulfillment of the Divine Word: God’s Faithfulness to Israel Download Click Here
V God’s Coming Vindication and Deliverance Download Click Here
VI The Agents of God’s Redemption Download Click Here
VII God’s Servant and God’s Bride Download Click Here
VIII The Arm of God Manifest in Suffering Download Click Here

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