Yale Bible Study \ YDS Bible Study: The Book of Acts


Dr. Harold W. Attridge

Dean, Yale Divinity School and Lillian Claus Professor of New Testament


Rev. Dr. David L. Bartlett

Dean Emeritus of Academic Affairs, Yale Divinity School; Professor of New Testament, Columbia Theological Seminary

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Course Materials


Introduction Download
I Acts 1-4: The Church Begins in Jerusalem Download Click Here
II Acts 5-8: Deepening Community; Growing Mission Download Click Here
III Acts 9-12: Gentiles Join the Movement Download Click Here
IV Acts 13-15: Holding the Church Together Download Click Here
V Acts 16-17: “Apologetic” Ministry Download Click Here
VI Acts 18-20: Co-Operative Ministry Download Click Here
VII Acts 21-23: The Defense of the Gospel Download Click Here
VIII Acts 24-28: The Gospel, the Romans, the Jews Download Click Here

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