HomeFront 2013

George front doorThis year’s HomeFront project will be on Saturday, May 4.  We will serve at a home in Norwalk, helping the owner with much-needed repairs to his home. Catch a little of the Mission Trip spirit, right here at home!  Parking at the site is limited, so carpooling from the church is encouraged.  Participants will gather at the church at 8:00am, and are expected to return around 4:00pm. Any adult over 18 years of age is welcome, youth from 14-17 are welcome if accompanied by a parent.

If you are interesting in participating in this wonderful project, please contact the church office at (203)966-2651.

2 Responses to “HomeFront 2013”

  1. Peter Hayward Says:

    I would like to participate but wish to drive to or near to the site. I am coming from New Jersey. I can park at an appropriate place nearby and ride my bicycle to the house. Can you please email the address? Thank you

  2. dwinkworth Says:

    Peter – sorry; just saw your message. We don’t have any contact information for you on file; no way to get that information to you.

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