Let’s Talk About It – Getting Our Lives in Order

Sunday, April 15 at 4:30pm in the Parlor.

Although we may believe that aging and death are parts of life, talking about it and planning for it can be difficult. Culturally and emotionally, there are resistances to such conversations and most of us would rather avoid thinking about aging – let alone dying. “Why do we need to talk about it?”  “What do we need to discuss?”   “What kinds of plans are needed?”    “Can’t we do this later?”   “It’s all taken care of, so why are you worried?”   “I’m not planning to die anytime soon.”   “Why do you need to know?”

Many of the concerns suggested in the above questions and comments will be addressed by Lyn.  These issues apply to those of us who want and need more information about talking about and planning for aging and death and also those who want guidance and support in approaching family members.

Questions will be welcomed after the presentation.    A small booklet titled “Preparing for Death” will be available for purchase and other hand-outs will be given.

With Lyn Bond, Director, Lapham Community Center, Church member, and Social Worker

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  1. Deborah Weir Says:

    May I have a handout? Thanks, Deb

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